Friday, August 16, 2013

Darby Montana to Anaconda Montana

While in Darby, a forest fire started over town. The town sirens went off, and all the town reserve fire firefighters sprung into action. The fire was out fast.

Besides that the town was great! The people were friendly and the food was awesome. I left early the next morning and made my way back to the pass.

The terrain was flat and the miles went by fast. After 18 miles I stopped at the water source and heard someone walking far behind me. So I just waited and sure as shit it was the raisin. We talked a bit and caught up on this and that before we walked out another 10 miles or so.

The next morning we ran into Mule Skinner and his wife out sectioning Montana. It was nice to cross paths with him for we both have been in this thru-hiker world a while, and never met till today.

We pushed on to Anaconda, and really seen some nice scenery. We were hit by a bit of rain both evenings, which ment finding dry camp impossible. Also, while descending from twin lakes we passed a small Forrest Fire. We tried to have Pizza Hut deliver to our camp with no luck...

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