Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leadore Idaho to Darby Montana

I left Leadore with "Two Hats" from New Zealand. We hiked together most the day, but I pushed on a couple of miles pass Pocahontas Campground which is the farthest reach of the Missouri River.

The Next day I did close to 40 miles mostly to hiking my own pace and nice terrain. I met E, a girl hiking with another girl named Neon who was misplaced somewhere behind us. We ended up camping near each other as the sky was flashing from lightning.

The next day the trail went through some exceptional passes and valleys as well as being newly constructed and well graded. The whole day was just awesome, until I was pounded by a short hail storm that left the next grassy valley soaking wet. I had a hard time finding a dry place to sleep.

The final day was a series of vertical climbs that put me back on the divide for a easy walk to highway 43. I then got a easy ride to Darby ( a awesome town).

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