Friday, August 16, 2013

Anaconda Montana to Helena Montana

Walking through Anaconda was one of the best days of hiking yet. Maybe my body is just so depleted, but all the food really did me right.

The town has one of the richest copper mines in the world, but has seen better days. The Anaconda mine use to send its ore to Whales for smelting before it built its own smelting process in what is now called Anaconda.

The town has many Victorian Houses, and plenty of old structures. But, like I said, the town has seen better days. People are so friendly though and pulled us aside to make sure we were ok and we had all we needed. We ate at Exxon, Donavan's, taco time, albertsons, then Mc Donald's. if that wasn't enough we walked another
8 miles and ate the absolute best pork chop sand which at Uncle Bucks.

In a food coma, we made our way up the valley towards the trail and observed some old farms still at work.

Once up on the divide, the terrain had changed considerable to a more wooded, and smaller set of hills. Water was scarce at first, but progressively got better.

We made great miles to Helena, which is even a nicer town.
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