Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Helena to Benchmark

We are back to the original 4 now. Optimist, Stopwatch, Raisins and I, hiked out of Helena together. For the most part, things were still the same though.

The beginning of this stretch was hot and water was a little farther apart. Most water was from cow troughs, but fed by springs.

Nearing the Bob Marshall Wilderness, we began seeing signs of Grizzly Bear. We also ran into Beacon, whom gave us a fire update. There was also a very large fire to the southwest, nowhere near the trail, but still producing quite a bit of smoke.

Once we arrived in Benchmark, we found that Optimist and Stopwatches resupply box was missing. A kind hiker named Dave have us his keys to drive to Augusta for supply's. it was a 30 mile drive on a long dirt road.

Almost done and will add more later

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