Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Resupply Boxes.

For the last few weeks I have been trying to focus on my supply boxes. But during that time, I went on a shakedown hike on the PCT. I started with a friend who is Thru-hiking this year. I hiked with him about 70 miles, then turned around to head back to ADZPCTKO. The hike was a good thing for me to do, because of a knee injury that has been taking its time to recover. By the time I walked into Lake Morena, it felt 95%. All my gear worked great, and most of my new food test went well. I am real excited with my breakfast [raw cereal], but disappointed in one of my dinners, [couscous].

The KO was quite fun, although I am skeptical of the future of the health of the PCT, due to the alarming amount of people. I was counting over 60 people a day on trail, and witnessing some heavy abuse that is too much to talk here right now. The KO was quite the event.

I also spent a day out with the Forest Service, doing some trail work for the Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance races course. I had the pleasure of just hiking through one of the prime areas of the race, just inspecting, and clearing whatever was in the way. It was just 3 of us, so it was quite fun. Hal Winton, who is 81, led the task. I just bombarded him with questions all day, cause he is like one of my favorite heroes. Anyone that swings an ax and runs ultra marathons at 81, is pretty impressive in my eyes.

I have also been doing quite a bit of family things, as well as getting the house together while I am gone.

And yes, I am working on my boxes. It is a long task, and I am almost complete. There is just so much more preparation in hiking the CDT. I mailed off the 1st 2 boxes, and will mail the 3rd tomorrow. By weeks end they will be sealed and stacked for mailing.

I will then need to have all extra gear organized, labeled and ready for emergency mailing.

Then its back to chores, and family time before departure. All this, while I watch the temperature soaring in the deserts. I believe nobody has departed from Crazy Cook this late in the year. It is beginning to be a bit scary. Hopefully we get a cold spell, but most likely you will get a good story of my hell like death march through New Mexico.