Saturday, May 18, 2013

Boxed and Sealed.

The hardest thing about thru-hiking is making it to the trail... I have always said that, and this hike is no exception so far.

 After weeks of prep work, the boxes are sealed. I have some last minute things that I will open a box or two and repack, but I will wait till wednesday before departure to do that. The picture is all but 3 of my boxes, that were sent last week.

I have also been busy locating and purchasing a vehicle for my daughter. She is a student at USC, and needs a vehicle for her internships this summer. I finally found a good car, and 6 days after I purchased it, and a hour after she 1st drove it, some girl side swiped me in a intersection. It is a complete loss. I was lucky to walk out uninjured. I do have a bit of a head ache, maybe a small concussion, but nothing worth going to a doctor for. Anyways, it is all in the insurances hands now.

I have done 90% of my household chores, and am constantly walking around with my pad of paper, adding chores and last minute gear. By the end of each day though, the list gets shorter.

I have been watching the weather everyday. I look at the daily, weekly, monthly and record highs and lows up and down the state of New Mexico. From a educated guess at best, I am going to walk roughly 3 weeks in some of the hottest hiking days of my life. It looks like the 1st 140 miles will be the hardest, and really never letting up until I hit the Colorado border. The only positive thing I can think out of this is I will have less snow to trudge in through Colorado. I have hiked many hot days on the PCT, but I believe the long distances between water will make things much harder. Well time will surely tell.

I have also been trying to connect my phone to my blog, but I have been having problems with the pictures. I hope to solve this, for I used this option before on the Appalachian Trail.

Well we are getting close to the 23rd when I Fly out and start on the 24th. I am looking forward to the simple life, but like I said, it sure is hard getting there.