Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 24th departure date

Since my last post, I was working overtime till I completed the job, hiked 150 miles and went to ADPCTKO, did some trail angeling and some trail work. Also I have been running wild here, shopping for supplies and boxing goods. That is the short of it all, and things are beginning to come together. I will be posting a bit before my departure date, due to the fact I will be home more next to my PC.

Anyways, I am departing from Crazy Cook Southern Terminus of the Continental Divide Trail, on May 24th. I will be meeting Sam Hughes in El Paso on the 23rd, along with 3 other crazy fools, that have no fear of the desert heat. Optimist and Stopwatch I met on the PCT in 07, along with Raisins, who was on the PCT last year. We are all after a Triple Crown with this hike, and hope to make it through New Mexico alive to catch the majority of the Thru-Hikers. Besides the long waterless stretches, we may encounter fires being so late. But if all works out as planned, we will have a much easier hike through Colorado snow.

I am less than 3 weeks out now, have a lot to do, but hope to keep things posted...