Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 1

It was quite obvious after the late start the day before that it was going to be a long hard day.

Raisins and I were up at 4am and were gone by 4:30. It was 80 degrees by the time the sun was up and our umbrellas were in use by 7.

We were following 4x4 post for most part, with some bush whacking, I was impressed with how well the trail is marked. We also were getting oriented with the maps and GPS's. the best set up for time and simplicity is the BC maps with the data book pages and a quick glance with the GPS, to reassure your location.

We had no problems with our cache at 25 miles and sat at a small pond for a few, doing our chores. The afternoon was over 100 and was hard to stay moving.

We did how ever went with our plans and took a side trip to Old Hachita Ghost Town.

The desert in the boot heel of New Mexico is very extreme in every way. Thorns are everywhere and besides caches, you basically are moving from wind mills and private tanks for cattle. Some water sources that were good a few weeks ago are now dry or non operative.

The note did cool and sleeping was comfortable. But the fear of what's to come is unavoidable.
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