Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We were up before light, anticipating town. It was nice and cool with coud cover for most the way around Pyramid Peak. We had good water at two places in 10 miles, which helped our building spirits.

We stopped at Veterans Park, and cleaned up and went straight to Mc Donald's for junk food and soda. We did not waste time, and were back out hiking out of town in a couple of hours.

Our cool morning was short lived, when it reached high 90's, around 3pm. The good thing though, is we reached a windmill with good water at 6000ft.

Stocked up on 7 liters each we pushed on late to keep up our milage. Things are much cooler in these higher altitudes. I saw two antelope today and one of the largest rattlesnakes I have ever witnessed. He was very aggressive.

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