Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting to the trail.

To begin with Sam Hughes did not show up to pick us up at the El Paso Airport. He had all of our info, and because he did not answer his phone for a few days prior, I was ready for plan B.

Rodger Payne did come through though and we all had a comfortable ride in his large truck.

The ride out to Crazy Cook was simply Crazy. It is a long dirt road that is poorly maintained at best. We arrived at shortly after 3pm and after a few pictures we were eager to get moving.

We did cache water and Rodger completed the other caches as well. He is a awesome person, and we could not get enough of his stories about the area. He is a retired state policeman and has work all over New Mexico.

The rest of the day we basically pushed through the extreme heat while shouldering large water loads. We camped in a dry wash some 13 miles out.

I have had a problem with posting, so if this goes through I will continue with the daily journals.

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