Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yama Mountain Gear Shelter

Bugtent 1.0 under my huge 8x10 Spinnaker Tarp on the FT. 

Bugtent 1.0 going solo with a foot of pine duff on the FT.
While gearing up for the Florida Trail, I decided to put a bug tent under my tarp. I heard rumors of bugs the size of birds and such. So not really wanting to add the weight, bulk, or headache I began searching the internet and asking friends what to do and what to get.

 I happened upon Yama Mountain Gear's bug tent 1.0. It was half a pound, and seemed simple enough to set up under my tarp. It was also a fair price and turned out to be my favorite piece of new gear on that hike. And yes, the bugs were large in Florida, but I began liking it for other reasons as well.

I found the bathtub floor helped tremendusly during downpours, and during really cold nights, it was just that much more between you and the freezing cold air.

So while beginning to search out another tarp option, I turned to Gen, [the owner of YMG] and asked about his Cirriform shelter. He gladly gave me a loaner for nothing more than feedback after the trip. But, after messing around with it and the bug tent, I already know this will be a great combo set up.    

Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform with bug tent 1.25 inside. 
Although weight is less than 18 oz with tarp, tent, 13 titanium stakes, tie line, and shrink-wrap ground cloth, I am pretty bulletproof in all conditions. If I choose to walk late and fall to the trail without pitching my tarp and tent, I wont regret carrying some 2 or 3 pound tent that I have seen so many times on the other long trails. I am pretty stoked on this piece of gear, and I will think some others will be too, so look up Gen's site at