Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marmot Plasma 30*

My old Marmot Hydrogen, saw 10,000 + miles and held up well. The last hike I used it on was the AT. After that brutally cold spring, it was time to put it away into the loaner box. It was such a great bag, that it did not take much thought to which bag to get next.

The Plasma took the place of the hydrogen with lots of changes. I have not used it, but I trust that it will make me happy.

Most people use a 20* bag or warmer on their CDT hikes, but I like to add and subtract layers as I hike North. I will start with just thermals, and as I progress North I plan to send my silk liner, down jacket, and other warmer clothes.

As the I drop out of the Colorado high country, I will then begin bouncing, and sending my warm clothes gear farther up the trail or home.

I got a sweet deal from Marmot, at nearly half price. I was just looking into fixing my old bag, and I ended up with a new Plasma.

After cutting out the zipper, I am barely over a pound. I am not really a gram weenie, but more of a minimalist. I am stripping all I can from my base weight, due to all the extras on this hike [maps, GPS, Video Camera, and more...]