Sunday, February 24, 2013


It is a bit overwhelming how many maps this hike has accumulated so far. Along with the maps, I will also be caring a GPS. This will be a first for me on a long hike.

First I received the  Jonathan Ley CDT-CD Maps, and had them printed on 11x17 gloss paper. I had them printed double sided to save weight, and am trimming the excess paper off to for the same. It is very important for me to have these maps, due to the alternate routes that I will be using along this hike.

Next, I bought the Bear Creek Map Books, that follow the "so called" official route in great detail. Hopefully those books turn out to be a wise choice, because they were expensive.

Then I bought the Garmin etrex 20 GPS. I was reluctant in this purchase, because I am very comfortable with a map and compass, and I do not care for complicating my hike any more than I have to. Along with the GPS, I purchased the US topo maps. Then, rather than buying a micro SD card, I just purchased one from Jerry Brown [the author of the Bear Creek Map Books]. The card was roughly the same price as buying one blank, and saving the time down loading all the Way Points. I yet to receive this though and hope it all works.

I have done a lot of research and I think this is the best possible combination for this hike. Yogi, the Author of Yogi's Guide Books, and good friend, also helped guide me in this decision. I am now anticipating the arrival of her new updated version of her guide book, to complete my Itinerary. My routes have been chosen and the final stages of my game plan are almost complete.

I will mail most maps ahead, but navigation is costing me a lot of weight! Next I will be posting about my final decisions on the BIG THREE, pack [already decided and posted], sleeping bag [decided, but not posted] and shelter [heading out today to give that a final test]. Things are coming together fast.

PS. I received the mini SD card from Jerry Brown. It works perfectly. 7000+ waypoints, roughly 1 every 1/2 mile as well as some extra point of interest, containing water caches, creeks, roads, ect...      I think this is the way to go. For a couple dollars more, it saves a bit of computer time.