Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bay Area Rim Trail

   I have been eating up a lot of trail on the Peninsula lately. In doing so I ran across a nice section of trail that was marked as the Bay Area Rim Trail. So I began to investigate it and found it was much longer than I ever dreamed of.
   So I got the guide book and maps and came up with a master plan:
1st of all it is 550+ miles long, with over 400 miles of completed trail. The rest is either undeveloped routes and or can be connected by roads. Most all of it is less than a hour from my boat, or work.
   My plan is this, I will begin at the golden gate one day soon after work and run out what ever miles I can at the time. I will then begin choosing either clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on various factors that apply for the moment. Another words I will be doing two hikes, working from the center with the ultimate goal of meeting somewhere in the middle.
   I am in no hurry to complete it, and will surely be yo-yoing a lot of it because of working solo out of a car. I will also be taking advantage of public transportation and rides from friends. I am very interested in other runners/fast hikers who are interested in adding another car into the picture. I will surely be doing a few over nights eventually. If anyone is interested, PM me.
   There are several alternate routes. I plan on doing them as well just to get the most out of the project.
Anyways, this is what I am up to, and I will begin posting soon, with the updates.