Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last Update before the Maiden Voyage!

   Things have come together quite well. I am months ahead of my master plan, and living nearly full time on my boat now. There are still quite a few projects that I have not finished and even more that I have not started. But in all reality, she is sea worthy and with a few more weeks of work, I could take her anywhere around the world.
   As far as my sailing capabilities, I have learned a whole lot, and have been become pretty confident. It is sort of funny how I got myself all into this, but I am pretty much self taught. Every time I take her out, I come back with a bit more knowledge, and seek out information in peculiar ways. For instance, I had a problem with some rigging issues. I just came back to port after a day of trying to figure it out on my own and looked over to a similar boat next to me, and saw how I was suppose to be running my lines.
   You tube is also a huge help. If I put anything sailboat related into search, there are enough videos on it to last all night. Books sort of suck, and I feel sorry for the people who are self taught from books. The illustrations and words do not compare to actual video.
   As far as major projects that are left, I have several. One big one is all the 12 volt accessory wiring. I have all the 12 volt, except the engine harness disconnected. The main reason is because everything is out dated and needs to be upgraded. I plan to incorporate solar and wind generation, to eventually be able to run off the grid and the engine.
   Also, I need to work on all the water tanks and sinks. Its all there, but I just haven't got to it. It will be nice to use the sinks properly.
   Then there is the front hatch. It is trashed and needs to be completely rebuilt. I will be doing this soon, cause it is the only thing that makes the vessel look like an eye sore.
   I need to work on the wench cover. It is trashed.
   Then there are lots of little minor day projects to be tackled. But she is very comfortable right now, and when I am done with the big things, I will put away the tools and she will become more spacious.
   I am currently planning a weekend sail to one of the islands in front of San Francisco, to anchor at night in front of the lights.
        Also, I will soon be applying her new name......