Thursday, November 28, 2013

It All Starts With a Dream!

Even as a small boy, I had this same dream. It would come and go throughout my life, but it was always the same Dream. The Dream seamed to fit right into my surfing lifestyle, traveling and living harmoniously on the ocean. The things I have learned while walking across the country a few times, have given me the courage to follow this Dream. 
 I realize things of great monitory value, do not bring me happiness. I enjoy observation of Nature, and spending quality times with good people, wether it be friends or family. I always dreamed of free or inexpensive travel. A vacation to me is not a cruise ship, or a fancy hotel. In fact I do not feel comfortable in these places. I enjoy creating with my hands, making my utilities, and doing so with little to no impact on the earth or others.
 For many years, I have Dreamed of buying a sailing yacht, large enough for friends or family, and gear, but small enough to be managed independently. Times just never seamed to work out though. I have always been so busy, or strapped down to life in general.
 But finally things just came together. I have purchased a 37ft offshore racer sailing boat. It fits to everything I need. It was made in 1974, which means it is solid fiberglass construction. It has nealy a 12ft beam, which means it is roomy inside. It sleeps 8 comfortably. Vessels of the same model have circumnavigated the world, so it comes from a great design. And although I have not yet have had it surveyed, I got it cheap enough to not make it a risky business deal. 
 Upon my decision, a hiking pal of mine, John, suggested that I blog my journey on this new lifestyle I am leaping into. He said that a lot of people might be interested in my Dream.
 So I guess I will start off in the beginning.
   I am a water person, I love surfing, free diving[snorkeling] and observation of the sea and its creatures. I do not like loud boats and scuba diving, for they are not harmonious with the ocean. I like Islands and their mountains, valleys and natural habitats. I have always had a dream of sailing to these islands and climbing their peaks. I use to sit in the ocean, while surfing watching the sailboats in curiosity. I am not yet a sailor! Yet I have been a boat owner, and am a quick learner when it interest me. I have a focused drive that has guided me to a rewarding and unique life.
 The fact that I will eventually be able to live on this boat, means cheap rent and less bills. I have no plans of being over with my thru-hiking lifestyle, but actually the opposite. 
 So my future post to this Blog might be interesting, for I am starting off at ground zero, where the Dream has finally took root. My life has once again gotten exciting, so I hope to entertain. For Better or Worse, here we go!