Friday, November 29, 2013


I have had a amazing amount of interest in my last post, so here is a picture of the sister boat, that is up for sale in Portland. It is a very good deal if someone is interested. Some pictures of the boat show a bit more wear than mine, but the interior is definately cleaner. I am gutting my interior, and refinishing all of it, and redesigning some of it. I will never sleep as many as 8, so I will change a couple of the beds to storage. 
I did not take any pictures of mine, but will surely do this, the next few weeks. I plan to record the entire process, from beginning of demo to her maiden voyage. I plan to do this in 4-6 months. This will include:       
                    #1 Emptying the entire boat of the contents and taking inventory of them
                    #2 Taking out all removable interior parts.
                    #3 Bleaching and cleaning of the entire inside
                    #4 Making sure all mechanical systems are sound
                    #5 Sanding and refinishing all interior
                    #6 Taking vessel to boat yard, for haul out, complete survey, bottom paint 
                    #7 Complete rigging tune-up
                    #8 Electronic upgrade
                    #9 Change her name 
                    #10 Maiden voyage

As you can see, I am on the 10 step program. I am sure there will be setbacks, unknown issues, and some headaches. But I am ready to start on Sunday with project #1!