Friday, August 2, 2013

Old Faithful to Lima Montana

The one thing about hiking through Yellowstone is all the opportunities for food. So once again, after I left the buffet in Old Faithful, it took a while to walk off a food coma. But I took off ahead of Raisins, speedbump and estero to the last designated camp spot in the park.

I wasn't at the camp spot long before a large electrical storm started and hail began pelting my tarp. I got a good fire started, and the guys showed up before dark. We found a half used bottle of leaking bear spray that got all over my hands and then in my mouth, nose and something else in the morning when I had to pee.

The next day we decided to make our way down to Mack's Inn, where we saw a few Southbound hikers. We stayed at the guy who made our pizzas house.

The next day we were back in the mountains with Montana on the right and Idaho on the Left while up on the divide. We ended up doing good miles and set ourselves up for an early arrival into Lima.

The weather has been partly sunny, with late evening showers. Temps are warm to pleasant in the day, cool in the mornings. Montana is surely a different place.

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