Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dubois to Yellowstone

We left Dubois with a hitch from a crazy but harmless elderly man. He had a story for everything but never finished the story without starting a new one. This went on over and over for 30 minutes to the pass.

Soon after reaching Brooks lake lodge, we ran into Balls and Sunshine. Balls is Sunshines father, and sunshine is 13 years old. When she finishes she will be the youngest person to tripple crown. They will also be the 1st to thru hike the official route.

We ended up spending the next couple days with Ball and his family making our way through the park. They were awesome and I am happy for his wonderful family. But the remarkable person is sunshine, who hikes aghast 30 mile day. She is just unbelievable.

Going through the park was wet, due to all the creek crossings. We saw lots of Grizzly Sign, but no bears.

Once in the park, we did the tourist thing with the geysers, but the back country geysers were the best.

I left town with raisins, speedbump and estero.
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