Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 miles before Cuba io Ghost Ranch

We started the day with a road walk into town. While at the 1st diner as I entered town, I broke my charger to my cell phone. It was going to be hard to find a charger for a iPhone 5 in this little town. But luck behold, I found one in a small head shop on the way out of town.

Raisins sent his box farther up the trail to circle A ranch, so he was on his way to retrieve it. I on the other hand hung out in town recharging my phone and eating more food.

We later met up at the trail head to climb up in the San Pedro's Wilderness. It was a nice climb along side running water! Yes I said water!!! For once I walked with a light pack.

On top of the mountain We saw several large herds of elk.

The next morning it was mostly down hill and then back to some rediculous rerouting done by the forest service. Bear Creek waypoints put us down into a waterless valley once again, with no way out but bushwhacking straight up to a road. Screw You Bear Creek!!! I am on the red rout for now on...

Later in the evening we tanked up at another cow trough and crossed the Rio Chama god a late evening bath!! We pushed on into the dark, to make it before 8:30 am breakfast.

We are now at Ghost Ranch getting ready to depart. This is a awesome retreat and very beautiful.

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