Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's been hard to keep up with posting, mostly due to work and the constant act of juggling all the things that keeps my life going. I have ran 3 ultras since my last post, a 50k, 50mile and 100mile.

The first race was the Oriflamme 50k, which turned out to be a hot race, I thought, until I ran the PCT 50 miler, a couple of weeks later. I did ok at best at both races, mostly due to under training and being heavy and the heat. But they both kept me in enough shape to run the San Diego 100 miler the next month [first week of June].

The San Diego 100, was my 3rd finish, and was also my slowest finish by an hour, but I came out uninjured and ready to start training for the most important race of the year, the Angeles Crest 100.

AC 100 is the only race I have ever quit, since I have been doing ultras, so I have some unfinished business to take care of. I am training hard and trying to trim the pounds, in hopes of gaining all the edge possible. So far all is going well and I have been running on the coarse to help with being use to the altitude.

For those who don't know, AC100 is no joke. It is surely the hardest race on the West Coast, and being undertrained, will surely end with a failure. A majority of the race is climbing steeply and running down rocky technical trail, only to do it all over again. When you think your getting close to the end, at mile 80 the race really begins.
I only made it to mile 60 in 2010, and had to quit due to a sore knee. The rocky descents surely caused that, but this year, I have a better game plan. I do not care if I am the last person across the finish line as long as I finish. That is my plan, and if I feel I can run it faster, I will try that next year, lol.

Anyways, AC100 is a low key race that is not glamorized like Western States 100, but every bit of a great coarse, if not better. It is also a great race for a crew, due to the coarse following highway 2. So I am putting one together, along with a pacer from mile 52, to keep me company and kick me in the but when I begin to lag. I have never had a pacer, but I am looking to all options to see this race through.

So what ever happens I will surely add the highs and lows to my Blog when I finish this Monster. The race is on July 21st and you can follow me on the Angeles Crest 100 website under current live race. I am #100.