Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warner Springs to Campo

Thursday, March 8th, My friend Matt and I drove down to Warner Springs, and hiked to Campo in attempt of hiking Section A of the Pacific Crest Trail. My other friend, Monty, was walking the other direction towards us, with his friend, and they would give us the key to their vehicle. We would then drive their vehicle back to where they planned to finish, where we started.

We started about noon on thursday and hiked well into the night around 30 miles. The weather was cool and damp from the recent storm. Under a clear sky though, the last traces of snow were melting off. All natural water sources were flowing well, and the grasses and flowers were beginning to show the signs of spring. We came across 2 aggressive herds of cattle that chased us down the trail. It actually began to get a bit frightening, but turned comical.
The night was clear and full of stars, until a full moon took over and provided enough light to hike without a light. We hiked until 11pm and camped in a small sandy canyon.
The next morning was cool and sunny. We came upon two water caches, but other than that there were no more natural water sources all the way up Mt. Laguna. Luckily it was cool, and we made due, with very little water. That night, it was cold up on the mountain, and we found camp on the way down from Laguna Mountain. I slept solid due to the 40 mile day and the lack of sleep from the night before. I also think hiking Section A is a bit harder going south, due to the steeper north faces.
For the final push to the trails end, we made great time to Lake Marina, and all natural water sources were flowing well. I saw a couple of snakes and 3 illegal aliens as we approached the border. We walked into a moonless night and completed near 9pm with another 40 mile day. We then went straight to Subway for a sandwich afterwards. I had no ailments, blisters or issues. The hike went well and I began to miss thru-hiking the PCT. Every part of the trail is just so wonderful, I think I will plan another hike later this week, maybe section B.