Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have never given a gear list before, but since it seems I am heading out with more gear than I have ever hiked with before, I thought I would.

To begin with I am caring all of my paperwork including maps and data the entire way north. I do not want to miss a mail drop, and end up with out my data. I will chose what data I keep for the return trip as I precede north.
I have an extra 2 liter water bag, and a straw filter.
When I walk a lot of nights, I carry two flash lights, a head set and a hand hold as well as several sets of extra batteries.
I will also be carrying a camera, case, and charger, As well as my IPhone, case and charger.
Sunglasses and case, lighter, and plenty of extra baggies for many things, including two extra trash bags for keeping things dry.

For toiletries I carry a comb, wet ones, disposible toothbrushes, razors and doctors bonner's soap. For 1st aid I have triple anti-biotic cream, Advil, caffein pills, Cypro, Ductape, mosquito repellant, anti-fungal cream and foot lotion. I also have a small sharp knife, as well as sowing needles, thread and small safety pins. I am trying out new insoles, so I will carry the extras to start with.

This is the heaviest sleeping set up I have carried in a long time, but it is bomb proof. I will be able to deal with hard cold rains, stay dry, as well as have peace from any bugs. It is also very versatile, meaning I can use one piece or all together.

For Shelter I am using a 8x10 spinnaker cloth tarp. It was thrown away from my friend, who hated it, so I will not give the makers name. I like it better than my 7x9 I made plus it is lighter, so I will use it with confidence.

I am also carrying a very small bug shelter, that is very light, with a waterproof bathtub floor and zipper front door. I expect to be out of the bugs soon after starting and will be sending it home when I feel confident.

My Bag of choice, is an old honest 30 degree Marmot long, that I cut out the zipper and extra material to make a very spacious quilt out of. After weighing the zipper and scraps I was pleased to find it to be 4 ounces lighter, making it as light as their best 32 degree bag the Hydrogen, 19.5 oz. I will also be sleeping on top of a 1/8 inch foam mat that I will eventually get rid of, when I get use to sleeping on flat ground. I am using a piece of thin polypropylene plastic for a water separation to the ground.

I have 10 titanium stakes and thin coated tie line for staking down the shelter and bug tent. Again when I send the bug tent home I will send some of the extra stakes as well.

I incude this in my sleeping gear as well, cause it sort of crosses over from shelter to rain gear. I carry a Dry Duc, rain Poncho. It is breathable, warm and very water proof as well as covers your pack while walking. I liked it a lot on the AT where I walked out a lot of cold rains. It also makes a nice cover over your sleeping bag, to reduce condensation moisture, when you cowboy camp. When you do not use it, it makes up a nice pillow.

When I start off, Key West will be way to warm for all these clothes, but rather than losing my cloths to a lost box I will carry them.
The clothes on the left I will always wear. They are the quick drying, but durable. I expect to be bush whacking and getting in and out of water, so I want something tough yet quick drying. I will wear surf trunks, cause these days the trunks are exceptionally made. They are part spandex for stretching abilities, and polyester for quick drying. No other brands of shorts match their durability/quick dry ratio. I normally use thinner running shorts, but I believe this trip to be a bit more thrashing on shorts.

Nylon dress socks are still my choice. They are easy to clean and last as long as the shoes. I will always have 4 pair, mostly wearing 2 pair on each foot.

For second layer, I am using Marmot bottom light weight thermals, mainly due to there quick dry/light/warmth ratio. Polyester long sleeve, running gloves, and skullcap as well as thin arm sleeves for those in between days or those extra cold days.

I also will be bringing Mid Weight shells. I pondered on this for a long time. I heard some war stories about sudden cold fronts, and I just don't want to be the one who regrets not bringing enough to walk out the storm. I have a mid weight water resistant jacket as well as water resistant mid weight pants. Both have served me well for many cold hikes and I hope they hang in there for another long one

I also cary two bandana's, and a hat. The reason I am carrying two is cause I will be walking through hunting season, and I want to be flashy orange both on me and my pack. They also serve as a face shield and many other things.

All this under my poncho, and I should be able to walk out anything in Florida.