Sunday, May 9, 2010

Winter still in Vermont

I had been following spring since the first signs, way back in North Caralina. Every day it seemed to get greener, and nicer. But, neer the end of Vermont it changed. Things were going backwards. Trees at lower elevations were now leaveless, and there were no more flowers.
I also began pulling upon the next North Bound Thru-Hiker, "The Gent". He seemed to be going pretty fast, but his over extended town time was allowing me to pass him. Soon after passing the heavy snow laden Mnt. Killington, I knew I had passed him by the dissappearance of his tracks, so I left my name in the snow, knowing he would soon find out of my presence. I always am so amazed how small our little world is and how keen we become to its enviroment.
Anyways, at our first view of the Whites, we were introduced to each others presence. It was a instant agreement, upon gazing at the snow covered mountains we were about to enter, lets partner up...