Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ALDHAWEST Triple Crown Awards

Immediately after completing the Colorado Trail, I rushed out to Seattle to join ALDHA west organization in celebrating this years Triple Crown Awards. It was an amazing turn out and and such and honor to join my family of Triple Crowners for the largest assembly to date. I especially liked seeing Sunshine [now only 14 yrs old] as she received hers. 
 I also had the pleasure of being present as Meadow Ed received the Trail Angel Award. Ed and I go way back, from my early days on the PCT. I first met Ed at Kennedy Meadows in 2001 while I was section hiking, and we have been pals ever since. It was sorta funny explaining to everyone that Ed use to leave water caches in old whiskey bottles.

 I also got the pleasure of seeing my old class of 2013 from the CDT. We all shared stories and memories about when we met or how we missed each other on our travels.

I also spent some time with all the celebrity hikers and PCTA's Jack Haskel, doing a little hippie day care. He has the tie die down. I think he use to do that as his old job.
Afterwards I was voted onto the Board and am now part of the  only organization that represents long distance hikers and the trails of the west. Being part of this is an honor and will save more about this in a future post.

The weekend was a success, and I am glad I made my way to the ceremony.