Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why I do not use Polycryo.

One of the things that caught me unguarded on the CDT, was all the thorns. From Crazy Cook to Burro Mountain [150 miles], it seemed that just about every plant had some kind of thorn, to protect itself from herbivores. Even the grass had stickers.

The main problem for me was, I brought Polycryo plastic sheeting for ground clothe. And what a mistake that was. I found myself duct taping it so much, that it had more duck tape than plastic, by the time I had it replaced. I had used Polycryo on the PCT, AT, and FT, with pretty good luck, but never again will I use it on the CDT.

Because I left so late, it was ungodly hot at times in Southern New Mexico. Several times a day, I would just hop from shade to shade. But the only problem was, trying to use my torn up Polycryo Ground Clothe to rest on. I was miserable, and had to duct tape it up every time I pulled it out. Once you get minor little pin pricks, it just spreads quickly.

 So good old Tyvek is what I replaced it with. It is just so much stronger, and you can pull it out a dozen times a day, without the fear of it deteriorating. Another good thing about Tyvek, was you can make a sign for hitch hiking into town and back to the trail. In fact, on my next hike, I will send Tyvek along with every shoe drop [500 miles]. I will also pre draw every town on it as well as a "BACK TO TRAIL".

I would only use Polycryo on short hikes from now on, and never again on a thru-hike. Durability is just too important.

Also, from a couple of careless walks through the brush, I tore the mesh on my pack. I sewed them up, thanks to my trusty sewing kit, I always carry. But, as soon as I passed the low deserts of New Mexico, I had no more problems with that.