Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rawlins to South Pass City

We left Rawlins at high noon under a blazing sun. Raisins had his umbrella, and although I was jealous, I wouldn't admit it. It was time to toughen up. I started with a gallon of water and that was barely enough to 1st water.

Hiking late was the key and we got our miles into the dark. Starting early was also smart, and being lazy was hard during the day with no shade.

The terrain was 10 inch sage, dirt and rock. It amazed me that cattle can actually feed here, but I am grateful they do, because of the water the ranchers provide for them.

I saw many wild horses, pronghorn, and walked along the Oregon trail, but reaching South Pass was the highlight. There is a lot of history here and when I get home I will download pictures and add more details to each section.

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