Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grand Lake to Steamboat Springs

Raisins is back, again... He shared a hostel with Burglar and I. I met Burglar on my way up James Peak and we walked into Grand Lake together. Raisins took a road. But anyways, It's nice to see him.

Leaving Grand Lake was beatiful walking through Rocky Mountain National Park. It reminds me of the North West due to the rich fauna. I did not do the loop due to lightning. But I still got my share up on the ridge top of the CDT.

The next day I struggled all morning, climbing and navigating. They both seemed to be difficult. I made it to a road though and got my first 40 mile day and set myself up for a early morning arrival into town.

This morning I was up early making my way to Rabbit Ears Pass, the longest road walk in Colorado, only to wait 2 hours for a ride.

SteamBoat Springs is really spread out. I am in a room, not really wanting to walk around, but I need to start resupplying for tomorrow.
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