Saturday, January 7, 2012


These are my daily journal distances for anyone who might be interested in the Florida Trail Record I established this past winter.
The Florida Trail is a constantly changing route that I took considerable amount of research in determining which route would be most optimum. The Florida Trail Association has created a series of scattered trail sections, connected by roads. There is no continuous trail through Florida, but with the help of the Florida Trail Maps and data, The Guide Book, Online Touring Bicycle Sites, and info from several past Florida Trail Hikers.
Florida Overseas Heritage Trail- 116 miles
Highway 1-Chrome Rd.-Highway 41-LOOP Rd.- 72.5 miles
Section 1-95.2
Section 2W-55.5
Section 3-104.6
Section 4E-201.2
Section 5-217.4
Section 6-198.6
Section 7- 175.1
Section 8-60
TOTAL : 1293.1

I hiked the entire route in 35 days 22hours.
The proposed route for the Florida Trail is basically what I present here. The Florida Trail Association will say it starts at the end of Loop road at what they call the Southern Terminus. In the next few years there will be drastic changes on the FT. The Forest Service is taking control of the new routes and therefor the routes will be changed. I will give a daily breakdown, for someone who might want to better this so called record, but it would really be useless if the routes are changed. If someone wants to take my route or a future route, and the overall milage is the basically the same, then I would not dispute any claims. There are no elevation gain or losses, and any new routes will only be easier, due to improvements. My relationship with this record is mild at best, so I have no problem answering any questions and helping anyone plan for a speedy hike on the FT.

Day 1- start time 5:35pm est. 7 miles
Day 2- 43 miles
Day 3- 42 miles
Day 4- 39 miles
Day 5- 27 miles
Day 6- 25 miles
Day 7- 11.5 miles to Southern Terminus, 12:35pm- 17 miles into section 1- total miles 28.5
Day 8- 27 miles
Day 9- 38.5 miles
Day 10- 39 miles 2.7 to section 2w -36.3
Day 11- 29 miles- 10 miles into section 3
Day 12- 30.5 miles
Day 13- 25 miles
Day 14- 27 miles
Day 15- 28 miles- 15.8 miles into section 4e
Day 16- 38 miles
Day 17- 33 miles
Day 18- 34 miles
Day 19- 34 miles
Day 20- 34 miles
Day 21- 35 miles- 23 miles into section 5
Day 22- 39 miles
Day 23- 39 miles
Day 24- 38 miles
Day 25- 39 miles
Day 26- 36 miles
Day 27- 39 miles- 38 miles into section 6
Day 28- 41 miles
Day 29- 44 miles
Day 30- 47 miles
Day 31- 45 miles- 23 miles into section 7
Day 32- 43 miles
Day 33- 41 miles
Day 34- 43 miles
Day 35- 45 miles- 26 miles into section 8
Day 36- 34 miles- completed at Ft. Pickens, Pensacola at 2:35pm cst.

I also hiked this route unsupported using vehicle resupply 3 times. I did not have any planned drops, nor did anyone meet me on the trail for resupply.