Friday, April 23, 2010

Pennsylvania trail

Knife edgeThe northern half of Pennsylvania is just covered with rock. Many hikers call it Rocksylvania, which I can now tell you is a fair name. Some areas are small rock, some areas are large boulder fields or knife like ridge walks, but pretty much unless it is dirt road or very short tread, it is rock.
The ball of my foot had gotten a split all the way across it, through most of this state. Walking on the rock, began being a torture hike, at best. Sometimes I would cuss at the tops of my lungs, and have to stop and take a couple of large breaths to continue on. Walking through Pennsylvania, made me realise for the 1st time that the ATC likes the fact that makeing the AT trail as hard as possible is there goal. Hiking on treadless trail is not my favorite thing, and I did not care for a lot of Pennsylvania.