Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well, I have not had any time for writing things down, but I have been getting ready for my trip. A couple of new things have came up. First, my friend Eric, has informed me that he is hiking the Appalachian trail as well. So we have buddied up and got flights to arrive in Atlanta together. We will both land just before midnight on the 9th. We will then share a ride to the trail, and begin hiking. Because we will be flying and dealing with airports, ect... Then driving till 3 or 4 am, we will probably have a real sluggish first day. But, getting there is half the battle, and we are both ready for some hiking.
In 2005 Eric and I hiked most of the PCT together, then got sepperated, played hop scotch back and forth, and he finnished a couple of days ahead of me. I spent most of that summer chaseing him down, while some of the time, he was unknowingly behind me. I wrote a journal about that year, and someday I plan to write it down share it.
We hiked through a lot of snow and had a great adventure together. He turned around at the Canadian border, and set a dream in his head of doing a yo-yo of the PCT, and in 2007, he did just that. Also setting a record for the fastest PCT yo-yo.
Well here we are again, but on another trail. It should be a great summer. I hope!
Now it is the 2 day crunch to get all the last minute things together. All the last minute decisions, like, should I bring a camera, or is my phone good enough. Should I bring a second sleeping bag to start or should I just bring more layers of clothes. Or maybe, I should bring my synthetic quilt I made, because it is going to be a wet/cold spring, or maybe I will be fine with my Down sleeping bag. Should I bring food for the 1st part of the hike or will the Airport security hold me up, cause it looks like drugs orsome other contraband. The last minute decisions are just crazy, and they can make a person just as crazy.
I will most likely make all my decisions on the fact that I have learned from the past, less is always best. A lighter pack will get you to a place where a wrong desicion can be solved, a lot faster.
Then there is cleaning up the house, car, garage, ect... I am knocking it down pretty quick, but man it is a lot of work.
Anyways I plan to do a finnal post before departure and start doing some post from my phone to get that all worked out, cheers...