Friday, March 19, 2010

Standing Bear Farms

This was one of my unplanned stops. I came to a creek, and a drawing on a rock pointed me 1/10 of a mile to food, of coarse I went, and I was glad I did. It was not the food, nor the fact I bought another days worth of junk food, but the characters I met. Kurtis and his wife, are the crafty owners. They live on an OLD Tabacco Farm, and have now converted it to a hiker hostel/resupply center. They have done a fine job of turning the exsisting shacks into buildings, such as bunk houses and eating/entertainment rooms. Great showers and kitchen as well. I hear they have great party's, and on April 20th, they have the best party of all. I had a frozen pizza and some sodas, got some junk food, and was only off trail an hour. GREAT PLACE!